May 20, 2022

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Workshops, Concerts & Juried Art Show Coming Back From Covid –

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As of Friday’s recent COVID updates, museums and galleries will have some reprieve from previous  restrictions. Starting February 15th until March 1st, there will be no capacity limits, but proof of immunization is still required.

Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council Administrator, Jane Ireland, says many have remained cautious, but they’re seeing more art gallery enthusiasts trickle in this month of February.

Currently, the Killarney gallery is hosting the Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) exhibition until February 26th.

“We’ve certainly had more people coming to the new exhibition, which is great, because last month was very sporadic.  So, it’s been really nice to see people come in almost right away for this one.”

Workshops and art classes are starting up again for the spring season, and Ireland hopes the most recent covid protocol will continue allowing more people to participate.

“I hope people are ready to come back because I think they need to do something,” she shares. “They need to do something different and I think that we’ve got some programs that will help them with that.”

“It will help with mental health, to be honest!” she adds.  “COVID has taken its toll on every community, but I think the Arts in particular.”

“I think we suffered a bit more due to shut-downs and cancelled events, because a lot of Arts groups depend on those events to keep themselves going as far as financial income, particularly with our concerts.  So, as we see a bit more of that new normal, I think a lot of the arts councils and organizations will start to come back.” 

“But it’s going to be awhile, we’ve been hit pretty hard. We’re going to have to do things slowly because we need to get the money to do it first!”

Ireland is hoping local artists are putting their creative juices to work in preparation for the Westman Juried Art Show which will has been slated for the end of April to be held at Killarney’s Heritage Home for the Arts.

Ireland says they’re looking forward to finally host this event, which had been previously cancelled due to COVID.

“Fingers crossed, as long as there are no issues around health regulations, we will be doing that here from April 29th to May 1st, and I’m hoping we’ll get lots of entries, particularly around our region, because I know between Killarney and Boissevain, WOW! We’ve got lots of artists!” 

“So, I’m hoping a lot of them will decide to put some of their work in this year! It will be fun to see!”

Visit for more information on current and upcoming events.–juried-art-show-coming-back-from-covid

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