May 16, 2022

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This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Music | Flying Horse

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Instruments: We can play instruments. I like playing piano. I go to piano class. Once I learn piano I will play it good. Piano is good to learn. I like violin, too. I learned four notes. I hear music on TV. We dance in music. There are guitars, trumpets and drums.

Calming: I like music. It makes me feel calm when I turn it on. My favorite songs are “Vivo,” Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, night music and “Moana.”

Argelia Monsterrat Duenas

Piano: I love the piano. I love the piano because it sounds pretty. I take piano lessons.

Jimmy Buffet: I like Jimmy Buffet. I listen to his songs every weekend. I love “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” and “I don’t know where I am going to go when the volcano blows.” It is awesome.

Clarinet: I love music! I am learning to play the clarinet. I have a music class at school, and it is so fun. I like other types of instruments. I play the piano. Music is so fun!

Makes me happy: Music makes me happy; it makes me sing and laugh! There are all kinds of music like pop, rock, country, jazz and more. Music can be used to calm down, get moving, or have a dance party! I think music is a great way to express your feelings and have some fun. I think if everyone just listened to music the world would be a better place.

Music class: My class goes to music every Tuesday and Monday. We play with instruments, we use hand drums and we also use lollipop drums. Music is one of my favorite classes.

Hip-hop: My favorite music is hip-hop because the music is cool. My dad likes it too, and when he listens to it he dances to it. When he dances to it, it is so funny!

Singing: I love to sing because I am a singer. My mom signed me up for a singing class. My teacher’s name is Miss Lauren. My classmates were singing along because my teacher wanted us to be good singers.

Likes music: I like music. I hope you like music.

Classical music: My favorite music is classical music. My favorite song is “Once I was 7 Years Old.” My least favorite music is hard rock. Music is most commonly pop.

Loves music: I love music. I love the games and the songs we do, and I love the music teacher. She is nice and I play music in my house.

Olivia Rodrigo: I like music. Music makes me happy. My favorite artist is Olivia Rodrigo.

“Ghostbusters”: My favorite song is “Ghostbusters.” The song is cool!

Amazing music: Music is amazing! Music is all around us. We can hear leaves on trees; that can be music. There are many different kinds of music such as rock, jazz and blues. We have lots of choices for music. Everybody can have their favorite kind of music. Just turn on the radio and find your favorite station.

Guitar: I like to play the guitar because I like the sound of the guitar. I also like to play the piano, too. I have piano lessons.

The Cure: My favorite band is The Cure. It’s also my mom’s favorite band; it’s true. Next, my favorite song is “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love that song; it’s epic and awesome. Also, my dad likes it, too. I’m half my dad and half my mom. I love music at school!

Cello: I play the cello and the piano. In November I am going to play a concert piece called “Fey O!” with everyone in a string project. I have been playing the cello for almost a year and the piano for 4 years.

Listening to music: I love listening to music. I love so many songs. I also love hearing instruments. I love listening to “Harry Potter” music. Music is awesome because you can make up anything and turn it in to a song. That’s why I love music so much.

“Old Town Road”: I like to listen to “Old Town Road” because it is catchy. I like to sing in the shower. I love to make up songs with my friends. It is fun. I really love listening to music. I like listening to Jasmine songs; it is really good.

Creative: Music is fun. Music is happy. Music is creative.

“KIDZ Bop”: I love music. My favorite is “KIDZ Bop.” It’s so good and I love music class.

Favorite artists: I like music because it helps me work. Sometimes I listen to music in the car, stores or schools. My favorite songs are by Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Music is fun to listen to.

JoJo Siwa: I like JoJo Siwa music. My favorite song is “Boomerang.”

Many kinds: There are many types of music. You can often hear music on the radio. Many different cultures have different types of music. Music can also be a sound like beatboxing.

Violin: My favorite instrument is a violin. I like the violin because it sounds pretty.

Dancing: I love music because it makes me dance. My favorite songs are Tiktok songs, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. These are my favorite because I can sing them and they make me want to dance. When I listen to them it makes me want to come down and think about what is going to happen when I grow up. That’s why I like music.

Band: One of my favorite things about music is band. Band is fun. I play the saxophone. It’s a little hard to put together. My sister loves music. She sings a lot in the car. I don’t like to sing but I like listening to music.

Different: Music is different. Music is played by different instruments and people. Musicians are people who play music. Trumpets are small instruments used to blow into. A piano is played by fingers.

Music teacher: Mrs. Faulk is the best music teacher ever. She teaches us new songs. I like music.

Music is fun: Music is fun, and music has instruments. Music has a lot of voices. Music has big and small instruments. Music has colorful instruments. Music makes a lot of noise. Music is nice. Music is wonderful.

Cool: Music is cool. You get to use stuff. You have fun with friends.

Lots of music: I like my music. I like lots of music.

Singer: I love music! I want to be a singer.

Peaceful focus: I am going to learn about music because it is making my mind sharp and peaceful. Since so many days I am planning to learn drums.

Music notes: I like music. I like quarter notes and eighth notes. I like music and songs. I like to sing. I love music!

Dance Monkey: I like to play the piano. I think it’s fun. I like the song “Dance Monkey.” I like it because it is very catchy to me. I love JoJo Siwa. I like “Zombies.” I know it’s a movie, but I like the songs in the movies, too.

Country music: I love music! When I get stressed or unhappy I will go upstairs in my room and listen to the radio. My favorite kind of music is country. At school I do band and choir. I play the saxophone. In choir we have fun and learn new songs. Music is one of my favorite things in the world.

Music: My favorite musical instrument is piano. I see the music teacher on Tuesdays and Fridays. I love music.

“Hamilton”: My favorite music is the “Hamilton” play. I can sing it. I like “Old Town Road.” I really like it. I also like concerts a lot.

My favorite: Music is my favorite. I love music.

AJR: AJR is the best band in the world to me. AJR is a good singer.

Sunflower from Spider-Man: My favorite song is “Sunflower.” I like it because Spider-Man sings it!

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