May 19, 2022

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The Dodo tops Tubular’s GRP-based U.S. media & entertainment video publisher ranking

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Tubular Labs, the global video analytics company, introduced a new gross rating point (GRP) measurement system this week for all non-perishable videos on Facebook and YouTube—and the animal-obsessed content juggernaut The Dodo tops the first-ever GRP-based Tubular leaderboard of U.S. media & entertainment creators. (Tubular also rolled out GRPs for its customers in Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and the U.K.)

Like old-school TV GRPs, Tubular’s GRPs are meant to gauge reach and frequency of impressions in relation to a given target audience during a specific time period. Tubular was already measuring de-duplicated audiences for YouTube and Facebook videos through its Tubular Audience Ratings (TAR); the new GRP measurement builds on that system and is meant to “allow customers to compare against all publishers and monitor the expected delivery against a target demo to evaluate media partners for cross-platform social video advertising or branded content,” as Tubular put it in a statement.

Video publishers with a minimum base of 1 million views per month on Facebook or YouTube can access GRP data through Tubular’s client dashboard, and Tubular will be releasing selected monthly leaderboards for different content niches and global markets following a 30-day processing period.

U.S. media & entertainment video publisher ranking by Tubular GRPs, Sept. 2021

1. The Dodo: 97.6 (63.5 million unique U.S. viewers)
2. Cocomelon: 94.9 (53.9 million)
3. Fox News: 76.2 (28.3 million)
4. WWE: 69.8 (23.7 million)
5. Movieclips: 52.5 (30.5 million)
6. Tasty: 52.5 (49.6 million)
7. NFL: 48.2 (22.7 million)
8. BuzzFeed Video: 38.4 (44.0 million)
9. FailArmy: 37.5 (30.4 million)
10. Inside Edition: 37.5 (19.1 million)

Essential context:  Tubular serves as the data supplier for the Global Video Measurement Alliance, which includes Group Nine, Discovery, Digitas, ViacomCBS, BuzzFeed and other major players (as well as Tubular itself).

Go local

“Univision selected Comscore as its sole linear TV viewership measurement service for three U.S. markets, partnering with the company as networks across the country broaden their audience currency horizons beyond long-time powerhouse Nielsen,” Ad Age’s Ethan Jakob Craft reports. “The agreement will see the Nielsen rival measure the Spanish-language media giant’s TV audiences in a trio of newly acquired markets—Orlando and Tampa, Florida, and Washington, D.C.—while simultaneously working to refine Comscore’s own Hispanic viewership measurement capabilities.”

Essential context:  “Univision’s three-market deal with Comscore is just the latest in a series of steps taken in the fast-evolving world of linear TV measurement. Many major U.S. networks this year have announced their intentions to look beyond ratings titan Nielsen, whose dominant status in the industry has been called into question after a series of recent measurement missteps, and at least experiment with other audience currency providers.”

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