May 22, 2022

Charlie Doodle

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The artist hoping to turn motorsports history into fine art

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The 317 Project tells stories of life in all of Indianapolis’ vibrant neighborhoods – 317 words at a time.

On the east side of South Franklin Road, a paved driveway leads past a field of grazing horses up to a barn.

Most mornings, Gary Dausch walks a few miles for exercise, has breakfast and heads inside.

He positions himself in front of a canvas, grabs his tools and begins to “lose track of time,” painting life-like images of motorsports’ cars and drivers in excruciating detail.

Paintings by artist Gary Dausch hang in his workspace Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, on the grounds of his Indianapolis home. Dausch paints realistic depictions of motorsports drivers and cars.

Since he retired in 2008, Dausch, 74, has been on a mission to capture important moments in motorsports history with a paintbrush, hoping to elevate the world of automotive art to the level of fine art.

“I’m trying to create a piece of artwork,” Dausch said, “that is of a level and quality that it is appropriate to find in museums and art galleries.”

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