December 4, 2022

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San Antonio Spurs Sports & Entertainment to Invest $246 Million in Sustainable, Mixed-Use Development as Part of an Agreement Approved by City Council – The City of San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO (October 7, 2021) Today, the City Council voted to approve an economic development grant agreement with Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) to support an investment of at least $246 million in a new mixed-use development. In addition to the capital investment, the project includes the creation of 15 new, full-time jobs onsite making at least $50,000 as well as strategic community priority commitments, with a maximum grant value of $17 million over twenty years. Along with the practice facility, plaza and HPRC, the site includes the development of general office space and medical office facilities, as well as a 22-acre public park.  A multifamily housing development, restaurant, and hotel have been proposed at a location adjacent to the project site.


“It’s exciting to collaborate with Spurs Sports & Entertainment on this new investment in our community, which will further deepen the five-time NBA champions’ roots here in San Antonio,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “SS&E’s investment will help leverage local research and academic assets and position San Antonio to grow into a global leader in human performance research and technology applications. SS&E’s leadership in environmental stewardship and workforce development efforts further demonstrate their commitment to San Antonio.”


The proposed project, at the northwest corner of Interstate 10 and 1604 in Council District 8, is a development led by SS&E, in partnership with Lincoln Property Company, a real estate services firm with experience in the development of mixed-use, sports, and health-centered projects.


“With this new Human Performance Research Center, San Antonio is going to become a destination for teams across the region–including athletes, first responders, members of our armed forces, and others who strive for physical excellence to improve their organizations,” District 8 Councilman Manny Peláez shared. “This is an incredible project for District 8 and our city as a whole, and I’m excited to see the continued growth and development of the Spurs here in San Antonio for years to come.”


The project closely aligns with the UTSA Regional Center Plan adopted by City Council in October of 2019, which identified the location as a potential “catalytic project” site that would include mixed-use development serving a local and regional audience where people can live, work, and play. The proposed project meets many of the recommendations from the plan, by improving connections from the southwest corner of the site to the northwest edge, creating vibrancy as a mixed-use node for the area, and the integration of green and open space throughout the development.


“This investment presents a strategic partnership in support of the near term and future competitiveness of the San Antonio Spurs. The City and SS&E have worked closely together to align this development with the UTSA Regional Center Plan, and as part of our agreement, secure enhanced tree canopy preservation and higher water quality standards for the project,” said City Manager Erik Walsh. “Given the additional alignment with community priorities around workforce development and public art, as well as an estimated $21 million net fiscal benefit, we are confident in this strategic investment in our city.”


SS&E is committed to sustainable development for the project, by using mass timber construction, incorporating renewable energy generation, along with specific building elements that reduce water and energy use, and more. 


The agreement includes commitments by SS&E to meet current tree and water quality ordinances, partner and collaborate with the City’s Workforce Development Office on the SA: Ready to Work program, provide college internships, host job shadow opportunities for high school students, participate in the City’s ReWorksSA certification program, and invest $1.3 million in art within the site.


Finally, the HPRC will include enhanced collaboration and partnerships between academia, military, research institutions, technology companies, health care providers, and sports organizations to advance research and development related to improvements in human health and performance. Partners will collaborate in their fields of expertise to study and maximize the cognitive and physical abilities of people and apply that knowledge and new technology to the general public.

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