May 20, 2022

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Richmond Jewish Food festival returns this Sunday

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – The pandemic nor this weekend’s snow can keep a favorite food festival down. The Richmond Jewish Food festival returns Sunday, Jan. 16 and organizers say it’s happening snow, rain or shine – but with a twist.

“We are really excited to be back. We really missed it last year,” said organizer Rich Goldberg. “People really wanted some Jewish food. They missed it. So we said well if they cant get the live music and they cant get the music and the vendors and the atmosphere, but we can give them our food in a takeout way.”

In 2020, Goldberg and his crew were some of the select few festivals that were able to host an annual event before the pandemic shut the world down.

“It was great; it was the best festival we had. We had the largest attendance, everything was running smoothly and then came 2021,″ said Goldberg.

Bombarded with requests to resume in 2021, Goldberg says they had some tough decisions to make.

“If we couldn’t do it in January, maybe in April, or maybe in the summertime,” said Goldberg. “Maybe it could be take-out when we’re not going to do a real festival.”

Although nothing stuck at the time, the ideas snowballed into this year’s 2022 event. It’s called Heat n’ Eat. It’s a drive-thru service where you pick up your meal and take it home.

14th annual Richmond Jewish Food Festival(Source: Richmond Jewish Food Festival)

“The food will be cold, so it’s not going to be hot food for you. So people will take it home and cook it,” said Goldberg.

In years past, the festival hosted a huge event inside of the Weinstein JCC building, but due to COVID-19, the festival is taking extra precaution not only in the streets but also in the kitchen with a smaller number of cooks.

“We minimized what we were going to cook so we reduced the menu some but we’re still going to have lots of deserts and a reasonable number of main courses for sale,” said Goldberg.

Orders can be placed online or in person and while you’re waiting in your car for your fan favorite items, Goldberg says he’s put together something special to make the festival feel like old times.

“I put together recordings of the bands that played before with some of my commentary describing the songs and that will be playing on an FM station that will be playing in the parking lot,” said Goldberg.

Organizers say they’re monitoring the forecast for Sunday, but they say nothing is going to stop them from holding this event. They have their tent up and ready to stay dry.

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