May 16, 2022

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Quincy Food Truck Festival returns with bands desserts ice cream

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QUINCY – Fresh waffles wrapped up like ice cream cones, bahn mi sandwiches and truckloads of other goodies filled Coddington Street on Saturday for the annual Quincy Food Truck and Music Festival.

Country band Blame The Whiskey opened up the festival, which saw hundreds fill the street, nearby parking lots and the lawn of Thomas Crane Public Library for a common goal: snacking on good food.

Ann and William Clarke Trojano were standing at a table with friends and eating tacos from one truck..

As William Trojano brought a basket of fries to the table to share, Ann said how it was the couple’s first time at the food truck festival, though she’d had food from Thyme Traveling truck the day before.

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Thyme “has been amazing,” she said.

Also at their table were Susan Clarke and Cory Morrison, two women who have visited the festival in prior years.

Clarke had her eye on a savory bahn mi sandwich, she said, though Morrison was still trying to decide.

Phillip Alexander's  Sing, Play, Grow Show entertains the kids on the lawn of the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy Center during the City of Quincy’s annual Food Truck and Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021.

Morrison was sure she’d be getting dessert after.

One truck offered ice cream wrapped in “bubble waffles,” making for a thick cone of fluffy bread full of decadent sweet cream and toppings.

“That looks delicious,” Clarke said of the waffle cones.

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One of the several ice-cream trucks serving at the festival, Smiles by the Mile, offered old-school treats. With a menu advertised ice-cream sandwiches, Choco Tacos, cartoon character Popsicles with gumballs for eyes and other frozen snacks, Sally Hughes said business has been good.

Cian Robertson, 4, of Quincy, enjoys an ice cream on a sunny October afternoon at the Quincy Food Truck and Music Festival held in Quincy Center on Saturday, Oct.2, 2021.

She got the truck three years ago, but it’s served time before selling ice cream in Ohio and delivering newspapers for the San Francisco Chronicle, she said.

“It’s a classic truck,” Hughes said. “It’s 40 years old.”

This was the truck’s first time at the Quincy Food Truck Festival, she said, and nowadays Hughes brings her trucks to birthdays, weddings and anywhere people want a classic ice cream truck.

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