May 17, 2022

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Petoskey restaurant, local artist both raise money for Ukraine

4 min read

A pierogi restaurant in Petoskey and a freelance artist in Walloon Lake, both with generational ties to conflict in Europe, are raising money to support Ukraine during Russia’s invasion.

When local artist Martina Hahn heard about the war in Ukraine, the stories and images reminded her of the stories she grew up hearing from her grandmother about her experience fleeing Germany during World War II.

“For me personally, I grew up in Germany and obviously we have a history, right?” Hahn said. “And my own family, which would have been my grandmother’s generation and my dad (as) an infant, they were also war refugees in World War II. And so I kind of grew up with stories of that, always hearing the stories of how it was when they had to leave their homes behind and pack up their things and just go and not knowing if they would ever return or where they were going.”

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