December 4, 2022

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NY state paint recycling program set to begin May 1 | Govt-and-politics

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CANANDAIGUA — Beginning May 1, anyone buying a can of paint a half-pint or larger will have a fee ranging from 49 cents to $1.95 added, the result of a new, statewide paint recycling program.

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors’ Planning & Environmental Quality committee learned about the program at its meeting Monday afternoon.

Regina Sousa, a senior planner in the county’s Sustainability and Solid Waste Management Department told the committee the program is called PaintCare, a nonprofit organization created by the American Coatings Association, the trade association for the paint manufacturing industry. Founded in 2009 in Oregon, PaintCare will have a presence in 10 states once New York is on board.

Sousa said New York state generates abut 37 million gallons of excess paint each year, which equates to about 10{6e110d0c09ff107faae5f43b9a77c08cb675008206c5b848bf4cc2ccd1f29077} of the paint bought in the state. She said there are little to no options for residents to recycle their leftover paint, municipal programs do not accept paint, and Ontario County no longer accepts latex-based paint at its household hazardous waste-collection events due to funding restrictions.

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“The overall goal or priority of the program is to make it easy for residents, contractors, institutions and businesses to recycle their leftover pain,” Sousa said. “The current goal is to collect and recycle some 1.75 million gallons of leftover paint annually by establishing over 300 drop-off location options across the state at retailers, ReUse stores, partnerships with municipalities at drop off programs and at household hazardous waste collection events.”

The Planning & Environmental Quality committee was told that manufacturers add a fee to the wholesale price and pass the cost on to their dealers and retailers. Retailers add the fee to the price of a container of paint sold to consumers. Manufacturers collect fees to pay back into the PaintCare program.

Sousa said the proposed fee structure would call for no fee for a half-pint or smaller can, 49 cents for a half-pint to a gallon, 95 cents for a 1-2 gallons, and $1.95 for 2-5 gallons.

“Unfortunately, the big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s have said they will not participate, leaving it to municipalities, who will have to have separate paint-collection events,” noted Carla Jordan, the county’s director of sustainability and solid waste management.

Jordan said that may prompt discussion of a resource recovery facility for the county.

She said the only retailer who has agreed to participate as of now is Sherwin-Williams.

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