May 22, 2022

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Mum uses duct tape and spray paint to transform drab house

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Chris and Natasha’s room, with a bed they made from pallets (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)

Natasha McBrinn, 30, loves bright colours and maximalist decor – so much so that she’s turned her home into a technicolour dream house.

The home in Ormskirk, Lancashire, where Natasha lives – with husband Chris, 34, and her two children, 14-year-old Anthony and nine-month-old Franklyn – was fairly bland when they first moved in. Whit

The family have rented the place from a friend since 2009, with Natasha gradually bringing her interiors dream to life over the years – all thanks to some DIY and creativity.

Support worker Natasha has spent around £4,000 on the ongoing work, saving cash with secondhand bargains and unique hacks.

‘Basically, my house is my canvas and I paint on a large scale,’ she said.

‘All the murals in the house are hand painted and designed by me from an idea in my head and I just go with it.’

From the red and black walls of her son’s room to the staircase decorated with rainbow washi tape, the home is now anything but magnolia.

The tie-dye effect on the bathroom walls was achieved with spray paint, and Natasha breathed new life into old items around the home with bright duct tape and paint. She also upcycled pallets to make a bed for her own bedroom.

Mum uses duct tape and spray paint to transform drab house into colourful paradise

The family love their rainbow abode (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
The kitchen before (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
And after – much more uplifting (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
As Natasha’s husband, Chris, is colourblind, he sees the house differently (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
The cupboards were painted, and decals were used on appliances (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)

Natasha said: ‘For our master bedroom, it was a combination of tester pots, cheapy spray paint and vinyl.

‘Our pallets for the bed were free and in my teenager’s bedroom, the paint and wallpaper were gifted.

‘I upcycled all the original items [in the bathroom] with spray paint and I also upcycled the bath panel using duct tape.

The bathroom before (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
It’s now like stepping into a rabbit hole of colour (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
Even the downstairs toilet roll holder fits the kooky theme, shaped like an old Polaroid camera (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)

‘Everything has been bought on a very strict budget and most furniture comes from eBay, recycling centres, or for free from Facebook Marketplace or neighbours.’

In total, Natasha estimates she has spent £4,200 transforming her home into the multi-coloured paradise, with her living room being the most expensive due to the £2,000 couch.

While Chris loves his wife’s artistry, he and son Anthony are both colourblind – meaning Natasha’s visions come out looking totally different to them.

Before, the living room was pretty, but not very bright (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
It’s now home to this stunning sofa, which dominated most of Natasha’s budget at £2,000 (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
The landing was plain before, so Natasha got to work with her tools (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
The stairs then got the tape treatment (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)

Natasha said: ‘My husband loves what I do – basically when I start a project, he just says “you do you” and lets me go into the zone and create what I like.

‘Before I actually decorate, he never fully understands my vision.’

Natasha’s favourite room is the downstairs toilet, which cost her less than £50 to transform (partly because she was gifted items due to her 36k Instagram following).

Prints and curios cover the walls (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
14-year-old Anthony’s room is red, black, and white (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
Little Franklin’s bedroom is a haven for a curious toddler (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)
Mum Natasha considers her walls a canvas (Picture: Jam Press/@prettypocketprojects)

She said: ‘I absolutely love the vibe in the toilet, it’s so out there and contrasting to what anyone else would have.’

‘I’m actually planning on doing something similar in the living room soon.’

Natasha’s advice to anyone looking to decorate on a budget is to think outside the box and use what you already have, such as leftover spray paint or vinyl. She also recommends taking advantage of tester pots, as they save a fortune.

Who knew you could decorate your house using a few rolls of duct tape?!

Budget breakdown

  • Downstairs toilet: £50
  • Master bedroom: £200
  • Anthony’s bedroom: £300
  • Nursery: £500
  • Landing: £50
  • Bathroom: £150
  • Stairs: £100
  • Kitchen: £600
  • Living room: £2,250

TOTAL: £4,200

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Mum uses duct tape and spray paint to transform drab house into colourful paradise

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