May 22, 2022

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Mount F8 and Stone Grey Paint Bottle Locations

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To track down the Stone Grey paint bottles in Fortnite Season 8, you will need to head over to the Mount F8 landmark.

If you haven’t ventured to this point of interest before, then it might be quite difficult to find as it isn’t clearly labelled anywhere on the map. To help you with your expedition to Mount F8, as well as with finding the Stone Grey bottles that are strewn across its treacherous peaks, Newsweek has prepared the following guide.

The Mount F8 location is at the southernmost point of the island. Here you will find a whole range of snowy peaks, but the one you are looking for is the white section directly below Misty Meadows on the map. It has been marked with a blue pinpoint on the screenshot below.

There is an IO base right next to it as well, so you can always just look out for the big radar dish if you get lost.

Mount F8 can be found at the far south of the map. Its location is indicated by the blue pinpoint marker.
Epic Games

Where to Find Stone Grey Paint Bottles at Mount F8

One of the biggest new features of Fortnite Season 8 is the “Paint a Toona Fish” menu.

Here, players are able to customize their own Toona Fish avatar (which is initially monochrome) with a variety of different color schemes. In some cases, unlocking these different outfits requires you to complete a unique quest, while other styles can simply be earned by collecting paint bottles out on the Island.

For instance, if you want the Cuddly Pink or Diamond Blue colors, then you will need to go hunting for their respective collectables. This is also the case for the Stone Grey style.

The Stone Grey paint bottles can be found at Mount F8. Like many of the other paint bottles in Fortnite Season 8, they are in close proximity to one another, but you might struggle to find them since they blend in so well with the snowy backdrop.

Stone Grey Bottle Location 1

Fortnite Stone Grey Paint Bottle Location
The first Stone Grey paint bottle is near the Destined Dish landmark.
Epic Games

You can find the first Stone Grey paint bottle overlooking the Destined Dish landmark from the West. If you look for the red flag and discarded oxygen canister you should be able to see it.

Stone Grey Bottle Location 2

Fortnite Stone Grey Paint Bottle Location
If you follow the trail of red flags up Mount F8, you will soon find the next Stone Grey paint bottle location.
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If you then take a sharp westward turn and follow the trail of oxygen tanks up Mount F8, you will eventually come across the next Stone Grey paint bottle.

Stone Grey Bottle Location 3

Fortnite Stone Grey Paint Bottle Location
The final Stone Grey paint bottle is at the very top of Mount F8.
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The final Stone Grey bottle is at the precipice of Mount F8, overlooking the Misty Meadows region of the island.

Once you have found all three bottles, you will then be able to purchase the “Love Ranger” outfit for your Toona Fish avatar. This will cost you 15 rainbow ink.

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Toona Fish Love Ranger Style
Once you have found all three Stone Grey bottles, you will be able to unlock the “Love Ranger” style for your Toona Fish.
Epic Games

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