May 22, 2022

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Local artist creates Black cartoon based in Memphis

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The show is called Orange Mound Bound and will stream on Amazon and Roku platforms.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The new local cartoon show called Orange Mound Bound is filling a void in the animation industry.

Darlene Newman is the creator of Orange Mound Bound. It’s a new cartoon that’s been in the making for 10 years. It will be on Amazon and Roku streaming platforms next fall. Newman said her goal is to portray Black boys from Orange Mound in a positive light.

“There are not many African American male child positive leadership roles,” Newman said.

Popular ones that come to mind are Fat Albert, The Jackson 5, and Little Bill. But even those are from years back. She said you can expect her show to feel like some of those classics — with a focus on orange mound pride and family togetherness.

“It may not look like ‘The Proud Family,’ but that’s the vibe because like when you watch it you will feel warm inside and you feel like you can relate to that family and that’s what  I want.”

The show is centered around a 10-year-old musician named Grill who is trying to make it to stardom with his crew. The group loves hip-hop, but the problem is, they have to make it through the 5th grade. 

The show will have nine episodes, each one tackling real social topics facing the Black community and Memphis as a whole.

“I’m really hoping that animation really piggy-backs off the pride they already have and the supports come and we will see this come to fruition,” she said.

Newman said she is still looking for about four voice actors, one professional animator, and one storyboard artist. If you don’t have professional experience, but want to be a part of the production, you can volunteer. 

Any volunteers, interested voice actors, and professional storyboard artists and animators can email Newman at [email protected]

Newman said people can also support by sending in monetary donations at this link or by purchasing an Orange Mound Bound T-shirt or sweater. All proceeds will go towards paying the production team to make sure the cartoon is released in fall 2022. 

Newman is a professional artist in Memphis, greatly known for her “Churchwomen in hats” paintings and the Memphis mural located in Barbaro Alley on Main St. 

Thank you, EVERYONE for your excitement and support of Orange Mound Bound! The shares and positivity are heartwarming…

Posted by Darlene Newman on Monday, December 6, 2021

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