May 18, 2022

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Linton artist’s painting crates canvass for new friendship

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Artists will tell you each piece of art they create is special.

But one young Linton artist says one painting is a little extra special because it connected him to home and to a new friend.

The bond between Daniel Schumacher and Pete Silbernagel only came about because of an elk shed and an article in the local newspaper.

I know nothing about art,” admitted Pete Silbernagel.

But what Silbernagel does know, is that this piece of art is something special.

“It was a butte that I grew up with looking at every morning we were on the farm,” he said.

That butte, known as Winchester Butte, and elk sheds he found on his land inspired a painting.

“I just had this idea of painting with some elk and maybe an elk shed on the ground with Winchester Butte in the background,” explained Silbernagel.

He wasn’t sure who could bring his idea to life until he opened the Emmons County Record and found a story about Daniel Schumacher.

“He placed second in the national Duck Stamp contest, so I reached out to him,” Silbernagel said.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Schumacher brought Silbernagel’s idea to life.

“I could imagine exactly what he’s thinking,” Schumacher said.

Like Silbernagel, Schumacher also grew up in Linton.

“I’ve always been really into nature and outdoors,” he said.

While Schumacher painted, Silbernagel continued his research.

“I’d always known that there were elk in the region before agriculture set in and I began to do a little research. I went to Lewis and Clark journals,” he said.

That’s where he learned the Native American name for Beaver Creek.

“War-re-Con nee, which translated means ‘elk shed their horns,’” he stated.

Which makes this painting extra special to Silbernagel.

“The creek which goes through our land, the Native American name for Beaver Creek and the fact that we found some elk sheds and Winchester Butte in the background. Who could ask for more, right?” he asked.

But perhaps the best part is the friendship this project created.

“It’s awesome to have a local artist,” said Silbernagel.

Two Linton natives now forever connected by their roots and by this piece of art.

Schumacher is working on a website for his art. But he insists art is just a hobby. He’s studying carpentry at Bismarck State College.

If you’d like to connect with Schumacher about his art, you can email him at [email protected]

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