May 17, 2022

Charlie Doodle

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Justin Bernasconi: “I could see swirls of paint strokes and hear dissonant phrases on the guitar”

5 min read

In the year 2021, there is certainly no shortage of guitarists capable of cranking out technically showy, mind-bending works of art with their fretboards. There’s also no shortage of those who use the guitar as a tool for emotive storytelling, sometimes eschewing scholarly form to favour sounds that elicit natural, more distinctly human emotions. There are few guitarists, however, that can push both of those styles to their extremes, delivering intricate and interesting passages of fretwork that stimulate the mind just as powerfully as they stimulate the heart – balancing virtuosic technique with a love for the (oftentimes simple) art of musical whimsy.

Justin Bernasconi is one of those few guitarists.

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