December 4, 2022

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Jeff Tech students paint Christmas scenes through Reynoldsville | Jeffersonian Democrat

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REYNOLDSVILLE — Jeff Tech Art Club students spent the week in Reynoldsville adding some Christmas spirit to the businesses by painting Christmas scenes on the windows for the holiday season.

Art Club advisor Angela Dragich said it was nice for the students to get back in town for the paintings this year after having to cancel the trip last year. This is the fourth year the club has done the window paintings, and some of the students were repeat participants.

Dragich started the program in 2017, and would have interested students come to town after school to do the paintings. Now, the program has expanded, and the school allows her to bring the students to town during the school day to paint.

“I try to give at least nine different students a choice to go, and then we have students who want to fill in and go more than once obviously,” Dragich said.

Students have to be passing all of their classes, and have a pass signed by their teachers to participate. The other teachers are also supportive of the project, according to Dragich.

She explains the project to the club each year, and students have the opportunity to get a permission slip signed by their teachers, and then she checks who is on the list for each day to participate.

“Then when not enough people volunteer, or if some are out for quarantine, we let some of them double up, and then we have alternates,” Dragich said. “It’s definitely nice to get the kids involved with the community since our school is right here in Reynoldsville.”

She also said it seems that more businesses in town have taken an interest in the program and joined, and there were about 20 businesses this year. The club was in town for three days, Monday through Wednesday, for the paintings.

“It always impresses me how creative they are with the different stores,” Dragich said. “I enjoy doing it, and the kids enjoy it even though they get cold. It’s something they still sign up to do.”

All of the businesses are along Main Street, except for the American Legion which also participates.

Dragich works with the Reynoldsville Community Association, who reaches out to the businesses for a list of those willing to have their windows painted, and it provides the paint as well.

The students also get to interact with the businesses, asking if there’s any specific imagery they would like painted on their window. Jessica Geer Family Salon specifically asked for a Grinch-themed painting on her windows, and the Reynoldsville Food Pantry always asks for a religious theme for their window.

“The businesses are so nice to our students, they were giving them drinks and food over here today,” Dragich said. “Very supportive of it… they just treat our kids really well.”

One returning student, Grace Askey, said this is her third year participating and she keeps coming back because of how nice it feels to spread the Christmas cheer.

“Everyone’s so nice, even just when we’re painting and people walk by and look at it. It’s nice to see that,” Askey said.

Fellow painter and student Steven Pierce said it was nice to give back to the community with the project.

Dragich said the timing is perfect because they come down and paint right before the holiday parade through town. They will leave the paintings through the holiday season, then will come back to town to clean them off in January if a business has not cleaned it yet.

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