May 16, 2022

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‘Jackass Forever’: Pain for entertainment value | Arts & Culture

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We all thought the pain was over, but it seems like it never is. It has been over 20 years since “Jackass” entered the mainstream with its famous MTV show and eventual movie. While the latest addition to the “Jackass” franchise was not officially released until Feb. 4, there was an early debut screening three days before on Feb. 1 for UO students in the Ducks after Dark series at the EMU.

From the opening entrance of “Cockzilla” destroying each cast member in uniquely goofy ways, you know what you have signed up for: chaos. But that is exactly what Jackass has always been, the torturing of friends for the audience’s enjoyment. This movie is entertaining with its ideas for grotesque stunts. The “Vomitron,” which is a motor powered merry-go-round that has the victims strapped in and drinking cartons of milk, takes the cake for one of the grossest things here. You can tell by the end of this that both new and old members have pushed themselves to their limits.

New Jackass members and special guests lead to a fresh level of fun between the members. All of the new members are avid fans of Jackass, and you can tell from how excited they are to be a part of it.

They still care about one another even through all the pain: the accidental flip-flop dick smack of the “Dum Dum Game,” that has new member Sean “Poopies” McInerney reeling in shock to the “Human Surfboard,” which has a pairing of new members Jasper Dolphin mounting Zach Holmes. Seeing someone covered in lube and flipping and twisting over their dirt pile landing zone is quite a sight to behold.

The film won’t make you poop your pants like what happened to Preston Lacy in one bit, but you gotta be ready for a lot of flying bodies, injured penises and shaking cast members  as well as frozen, fearful faces interspaced with a few classic pranks on unsuspecting people and fellow cast and crew.

The slow-motion camera shots that captured the pain were shocking to see  such as their body ripples from a strong punch or fall.

“I thought it was really funny; I hadn’t seen the previous films, so it was nice to get to know the characters,” junior Anna Wait said. “Some inappropriate bits, but it was pretty funny to see. A lot of people turning away and covering their eyes.”

You may turn and groan, but once you realize these dumb folks put themselves in these situations, you might as well laugh with them. Seeing the audience’s reactions was also fun, listening to the chorus of groans and laughs. There were even big cheers for guests like Eric André and Tyler, The Creator.

 “It was pretty funny, but also pretty naughty. The pretty funny part was when a bunch of them got locked in a dark room with a snake,” freshman Luke Doughrty said.

The psychological torture that happens in the “Silence of the Lambs” prank, which involved tricking members into a dark room with a “snake,” was an interesting level of entertainment  especially seeing the shock from alumnus Dave England once the lights turned back on. Viewers should be prepared to sit through shots of vomit and bee-stung balls.

Crude and cringe-inducing, “Jackass Forever” is entertaining throughout. It’s good, brainless fun for all those prepared for it. The film was released in theaters on Feb. 4.

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