May 18, 2022

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Is Oxidation The Kiss Of Death For Your Car’s Paint Or Can It Be Repaired? – MotorBiscuit

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The sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t kind to any car and over time, a car’s paint may start to oxidize. The oxidation leads to the clearcoat fading and ugly patches in your car’s paint, so much so that the car ends up looking like it’s severely sunburnt. But does that mean you have to kiss your car’s paint goodbye? Or is there a way to repair it?

What is oxidation?

A Honda Civic trunk before and after oxidation repair | Amazon

Paint oxidation occurs when a car is left out in the sun and other elements for prolonged periods of time. The paint will begin to fade and then get worse as time goes on. In fact, paint oxidation can happen on nearly anything that’s painted, including outdoor furniture and even jewelry. However, not all paint oxidation is created equal and there are essentially four stages to the process:

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