December 4, 2022

Charlie Doodle

Unique Art & Entertainment

Highlighting local artists, events and opportunities

3 min read

Art Cart’s mission primarily is to highlight local artists, art events and art opportunities, whether visual, musical, dramatic, or other, performed and created by professionals, amateurs or even grade schoolers, focusing on cultural offerings in the area. As local news in our area becomes less of a focus for news outlets the mission expands and events of all kinds that make life in our community richer all become important fodder for Art Cart. Thanks for the many recent supportive calls, comments and emails to this point.

This time of year, as we are finishing holiday shopping and plans it’s exciting to highlight a local lapidary artist and his beautiful stonework; you might not be aware of this art/jewelry/gift option. Joe Cox, with his company Platt & Woods offers a variety of specimens, fossils, polished stones, rough slabs, jewelry pieces, cabochons and décor including stone oil lamps. Each piece is unique, as is the nature of stone, with rich colors, patterns, and textures. Cox’s work can be seen on Facebook, or the website and in person at TraderBaker’s.

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