May 16, 2022

Charlie Doodle

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Granville’s Spencer Pearson has a lifelong love of art

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GRANVILLE – Sometimes childhood dreams and talents take a roundabout tour before they become a career.

“My family has told me,” said Spencer Pearson, “I was drawing people, cars, tractors and chainsaws when I was two that actually looked like these things. My mother, a very talented seamstress, noticed this was not normal. She put the first pencil in my hand with great encouragement. She prompted and supported my knack to create, and by early grade school my drawings and art were getting recognition from teachers and friends.”

“In my teens,” he continued, “I acquired my first camera and started doing photography with a local photographer. We did weddings to pay for our photography obsession, but the real enjoyment came from the six years he and I hiked throughout Appalachia in north Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas. These years were vital in helping me develop the way I see the natural world when looking for subjects to paint.”

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