May 17, 2022

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Fall Arts 2021 | Your guide to the Seattle area’s most interesting shows, concerts, exhibits and more

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Fall Arts Guide 2021

Finally! This fall, after what has been, for some arts groups, a year and a half of pandemic closures and experiments in digital and outdoor shows, more performing arts organizations are throwing open their doors for in-person performances, joining many already reopened museums, galleries and music venues.

For many, it’s still a cautious time, as the fifth wave of COVID-19 persists. A number of performing arts groups aren’t planning to reopen till winter.

Still, there are plenty of exciting shows, concerts, art exhibits, movies, author events and more coming this fall. Read on for stories on how three artists are preparing for this season and how some longtime arts supporters are weighing the decision to see live shows again, as well as our recommendations for arts events (both live and digital) this fall.

Keep in mind that, given the persistently high COVID-19 case counts, COVID requirements and other details for events are subject to change. Please check event websites for the latest information, and heed local health authorities’ safety recommendations as they’re updated.

May you enjoy a safe, enriching fall arts season.

— Janet I. Tu, assistant features editor

Illustration by Gabriel Campanario, news artist



Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s


A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

Photo credit: Fabio Lovino

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The fall movie season is fast approaching. And whether your comfort level means you’ll be seeing films in theaters or streaming them at home, here are 10 movies to look forward to this autumn.

Brit Bennett, author of “The Vanishing Half,” in Brooklyn, on April 29, 2020. Bennett’s novel about twin Black sisters who decide to take very different paths through life, is among the 10 fiction contenders for this year’s National Book Award. (Daniel Dorsa/The New York Times)

Like everything else during this very strange fall, author events this season are a hybrid: a few in person, a lot online. Luckily, author chats translate nicely to a digital format. Here are some highlights of the literary season.

Lee Krasner “Night Watch” “Frisson” exhibit

Artistic collaborations between family members, a major gift unveiled at SAM, Vanessa German’s immersive installation and a giant of photography: Fall is jam-packed with exciting new exhibitions to feast your eyes on. Here are a few.

Da Vinci was fascinated with the possibility of human flight. This depiction of a flying machine would flap the wings and the pilot would lie flat in it.

exhibit at MOHAI
Friday July 23, 2021 217700

From Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines at The Museum of History & Industry to Disney costumes at The Museum of Pop Culture, there’s bound to be something to pique your interest at Seattle-area museums this fall. Here are some highlights.

Beside a Lockheed Blackbird, the fastest and highest-flying air-breathing production plane ever built, a docent at the Museum of Flight discusses the aircraft capable of flying more than there times the speed of sound built in 1963.  Ninety-fiver per cent of the plane’s structure is titanium to withstand the heat generated by flying 2,000 miles-per-hour.

Thursday May 25, 2017

Seattle has a ton of fabulous museums for all interests, from art to history to science. We’ve compiled a list of free days and ways to get free tickets, so you have no excuse not to get a little culture on.

ABC’s “The Wonder Years”

The fall TV season may look more familiar than 2020’s cobbled-together lineup. Indeed, given the number of reboots, remakes and continuations, the “new” series debuting this fall will look exceedingly familiar, for better or for worse.

(Illustrations by Gabriel Campanario/ The Seattle Times)

This fall marks the return of live, in-person performances for a number of arts groups, joining museums, galleries and other venues that have been open. Here are some of the events happening in the Seattle area this fall, some in-person, some online.

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