May 16, 2022

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Faces and Places of the Panhandle: Eco-Friendly Artist

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – A Panama City Beach artist is using her creativity to kick-start some beach clean-ups.

“If I had a hold on so many people and they listen to what I say, I’d be like hey guys you know the earth needs our help,” Sierra Sons said.

With a goal in mind and a paintbrush in hand, 23-year-old Sierra Sons had an idea. She decided she would recreate the colorful world we live in on eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

“They’re 100% cotton and I use fabric paint so you can throw them in the wash,” Sons said. “Kind of influencing others to reduce their plastic use and kind of save the earth in style, you know?”

All she needs is some paint and some peace and quiet.

“It’s kind of like my little safe space in here. I can just have all the quiet to myself if I want and just go away and work on everything,” Sons said.

Her bedroom is her safe space when she dives deep into her artwork.

“It’s kind of like reading a book if you’ve ever read a really good book and you just kind of lose the world around you. That’s kind of what it is for me too,” Sons said.

It’s easy for her to lose track of time. She said it usually takes her about a week to finish each piece if she works steadily on it. But even with full focus, some things just take a little longer.

While working as a deckhand at Lagoon Pontoons in Panama City Beach, Sons tried her painting skills on a new platform. This past summer, she spent more than 50 hours working on her first mural right next to the rental spot.

“I tried to paint what we see out there. So I definitely got the dolphins in there, moon jellyfish we see those they’re very common in Panama City Beach,” Sons said. “Now that it’s done, I’m just super excited that I was able to bring that to life. And it makes me so happy seeing people take pictures in front of it.”

Sons said it’s hard to believe she created something so incredible when she remembers a time she barely knew how to draw.

“Whenever I was a kid, I would like write my own stories and I was so mad that I didn’t know how to illustrate what I was seeing in my mind to go with my stories and I kind of like made myself learn how to do art as best as I could,” Sons said.

And now that art is selling quickly on her online shop.

“It makes me so happy that people love my art so much that they want to wear it around,” Sons said.

But she still has bigger dreams in mind.

“I would like to see my art in shops one day. Like just little local galleries and stuff like that,” Sons said.

She hopes reaching more people can help her reach her goal.

“If I could have any impact on the world in one way, it would be helping it by just reducing plastic use and just helping others try to do the same,” Sons said.

But sometimes the smallest things can still make the biggest differences.

“People would tell me you know oh I cleaned the beach the other day because I just saw your post or something and you just really inspired me, and that’s what I would love to do is just to inspire people to do better and you know that’s all I could hope for,” Sons said.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Sons’ artwork, you can check out her online shop at

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