May 17, 2022

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Exploring Photography with David Yarrow

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David Yarrow is one of the world’s best-selling fine art photographers with a rapidly growing following of art collectors and art enthusiasts.

We’re going to dive into the world of fine art photography with Yarrow as our guide, exploring some of the books he’s published and the most significant lessons we can pull from his photography throughout the years.

Yarrow’s Journey Through Physical Print

In 2007, David Yarrow published a series of fine-art photography books featuring selections of his most spectacular photographs.

Tracing each collection of photographs throughout the years, we see how Yarrow’s focus evolved from capturing remote natural landscapes and indigenous communities towards an increased focus on charitable contributions.

Yarrow’s proudest moments were when he could use his art to contribute to causes that deeply mattered to him on a personal level.

Nowhere – The World’s Most Isolated Locations (2007)

David Yarrow’s first publication, Nowhere, was released in 2007. Nowhere is a 172-page collection of color photographs featuring some of the most isolated locations in the world.

Nowhere serves to illustrate a series of remote locations that require tremendous effort and fierce determination to get to, featuring several breathtaking landscapes such as:

  • Patagonia’s Ice Formations
  • South Australia’s Scorching Deserts
  • Namibia’s Skeleton Coast – A Sea of Crescent-Shaped Sand Dunes
  • Greenland’s Rocky Crags and Picturesque Fishing Villages

Yarrow’s perseverance to explore the unknown and capture these spectacular landscapes shows the drive and determination he had in showing the world what they had never seen before.

Encounter – Monochrome Photographs of Indigenous Communities & Wildlife (2013)

David Yarrow’s second fine-art photography book was Encounter, first published in 2013. With 87 monochrome photographs, Encounter features close-ups of indigenous communities and wildlife from Yarrow’s unique perspective.

After three long years of travel to some of the least publicized areas of the world, Yarrow was again able to capture moments the world had never seen before.

It highlight’s his unfettered drive to get close to some of the most dangerous wildlife on the planet, detailing his encounters with wildlife such as:

  • The Kenyan Wild – Luring African Wildlife Towards His Camera Lens
  • False Bay, Cape Town – A Great White Shark
  • The Depths of the Alaskan Wild – A Brown Bear

Encounter focuses on African Wildlife and Imagery, and 10% of Yarrow’s sales go to a wildlife conservation organization — Tusk Trust.

Wild Encounters – Iconic Photography of the World’s Vanishing Animals & Cultures (2016)

Wild Encounters, David Yarrow’s iconic book featuring some of the world’s most endangered animals and vanishing cultures, was first published in 2016.

The photo book contains images spanning seven continents, and the goal of Wild Encounters was to capture as many intimate pictures of wildlife and freedom as possible.

This photo book is David Yarrow’s contribution to preserving and sharing the last great wild species and cultures left in the world.

The foreword of Wild Encounters is by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

David Yarrow – A Curation of Yarrow’s Strongest Images (2019)

With an introduction written by NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword written by Cindy Crawford, David Yarrow is a 368-page photo monograph that shows 150 of Yarrow’s best images taken circa. 2017 and 2019.

David Yarrow is donating all royalties from this book to conservation charities. These charities include WildAid in the United States and Tusk in the United Kingdom.

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