May 19, 2022

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Chaffee BoCC Approves Bonfire Entertainment’s 2022 Renewal Event for The Meadows – by Jan Wondra

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In a congenial discussion on Tuesday, the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners voted unanimous approval of Resolution 2022-31, laying out the terms of the 2022 “Renewal” event on county land known as The Meadows, on the outskirts of Buena Vista. The Sept. 24-25 event, by Bonfire Entertainment is expected to headline Bluegrass musician Billy Strings.

Since the county’s last hearing on April 11, county staff has been working with Bonfire Entertainment CEO Scotty Stoughton on the legal terms of the resolution. Assistant Attorney Miles Cottom confirmed that not only has this gone well from a legal standpoint, “This is all moving into place with the  [Chaffee County] Sheriff’s Office and EMS (Emergency Medical Services.”

The visual for the Renewal 2020 festival. Courtesy of Bonfire Entertainment.

There will be a July 1 checkpoint with a staff update to the BoCC at that time, and a liquor license approval will be completed by Aug. 1.

“In our last discussion I made a firm statement, as I read what was in the packet and the cost reimbursement fund,” said Chair Greg Felt, referencing his stern warning that Bonfire Entertainment not begin to sell tickets for the event until the BoCC was comfortable with the terms.

“That is what I was looking for, but just having it laid out so we have a roadmap and an associated timeframe – this is what I wanted,” he added. “Provided we move forward with this resolution, we have enough in place for me to feel comfortable with this.”

Cottom clarified that, “The last hearing in April it was approved and you directed staff to move forward with the resolution. Our only change is the name; we made it 2022 Renewal.”

The state of Colorado statutes requires that entertainment entities partner with a nonprofit to allow it to exceed a sound limit of 55 dBA (decibels, adjusted). Only one public comment regarding sound limits was received from the public during Tuesday’s discussion.

“The state statute generally requires a noise limit of 55 dBA in a residential zone, and South Main Art and Parks Trust is similar to last year,” said Cottom. “The approved dBA is 105 as a one-minute rolling average measured at the front of the house.”

There was a discussion regarding the nonprofit selected to partner with Bonfire Entertainment. While The South Main Arts and Parks nonprofit has been selected, the BoCC continues to suggest that Stoughton continue to consider other options, including checking with the Chaffee County Community Foundation on suggestions.

“I agree this is the resolution we wanted,” said Commissioner Rusty Granzella, who made the motion to approve, seconded by Commissioner Keith Baker.

Chaffee BoCC Approves Bonfire Entertainment’s 2022 Renewal Event for The Meadows

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