May 17, 2022

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A’s music man Kaprielian sets clubhouse mood

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When the A’s traded Matt Chapman to the Blue Jays two weeks ago, they lost not only their Platinum Glove third baseman, but also their clubhouse DJ.

Every major-league clubhouse has music blasting. Sometimes various players share DJ duties, but some teams have one designated master blaster. Chapman had that job for the A’s the past several seasons, and now the man spinning the tunes is second-year pitcher James Kaprielian.

No high-tech rig for this tunesmith. The music pours out of an old-school boom box on a table in the middle of the Hohokam Stadium clubhouse.

“The torch was passed to me at the end of last season,” Kaprielian said Saturday. “Chap had been running the tunes for a while. Me and Chap listened to a lot of music together; I sent him a lot of music last year and vice-versa.”

It was no secret that the A’s planned to shop Chapman and other top players in the offseason, so he and Kaprielian made plans for a smooth transition. Chapman apparently felt his protege was ready, since Kaprielian was Chapman’s wedding DJ last December.

“I’d say the last few weeks of the season, the torch was passed to me, whether the rest of the team knew it or not,” Kaprielian said. “I jumped in here. I didn’t take over right away (this spring), but then Tony (Kemp) was like, ‘Hey, let’s go, you’re up,’ and I was like, ‘All right, sounds good.’ Just jumped on, trying to please the people.”

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