May 20, 2022

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Art of the future in Amsterdam

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Do you ever go to a museum? It is in fact very good and fun to view historical art. Think of paintings, but also old costumes or other objects. You get a small glimpse into the lives of people who lived years ago. If you like visiting museums, but would like to see more contemporary art, then it is recommended to go to the Moco museum. In here you can admire digital art. This is the art of today and the future. You will feast your eyes together with family or friends.

NFT art in Amsterdam

The Moco museum is located in Amsterdam. At the Amsterdam museumplein, the art is the one you are looking for. Besides the fact that the museum can be admired in Amsterdam, you can also visit the Moco museum in Barcelona. Due to great success, it has been extended abroad. Especially the digital art that the museum exhibits is admired by many people. Are you already familiar with NFT art? The Moco museum is one of the first museums in the world to exhibit NFT art in this special way. The twelve artworks are by the most successful digital artists in the world.

Rise of digital art

The Moco meseum distinguishes itself from other museums by focusing on contemporary art. It is quite an experience when you step inside, and it will make your mouth water. The digital art that the museum exhibits only became known around the 90s. This happened logically with the advent of the internet. You can think of this form of art as art that is made on a computer. So it all happens online. This digital art comes in different forms and is expanding all the time. It is very nice to discover this with your own eyes.

Augmented reality in the Moco Museum

Augmented reality is used more and more. It is therefore impossible to imagine life without it. The Moco museum has responded well to this trend and is therefore actively working on it. By means of augmented reality, art can be created differently. The art is a fusion of reality and an addition of digital art. It is a whole different way of art, and it is therefore logical that you have to get used to it. Yet you will see more and more of this art, as it is a very special way of art.

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