December 4, 2022

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7 Chalk Paint DIY Projects to Try Now, From Kitchen Cabinets to Marbled Tables

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When Annie Sloan created Chalk Paint in 1990, she never imagined that it would become the go-to decorative paint for anyone embarking on a do-it-yourself home project—which is exactly what it is today.

Trained in art school, Sloan says that the idea for the trademarked product was born after she struggled to find a flexible paint that could be used in multiple ways. “I wanted to be able to paint a piece of furniture or a wall and then wax it to create a beautiful effect,” she says. “I also wanted to be able to add water to the paint to create washes, or to use it thickly to create texture.”

Sloan’s invention is clever and diverse to say the least: The paints have no black pigment, which means you can mix colors together to create unmuddied tones, like you can with artist paints. Use the products to paint wood, metal, melamine, brick, and concrete. You can even dye fabric or paint glass with them.

While Chalk Paint DIYs have been shared among home improvement circles for years, there still are new projects to discover. More than two decades after founding Chalk Paint, Sloan has plenty of ideas on how to use it for a do-it-yourself job in ways that feel fresh and of the moment. Below you will find the seven paint ideas Sloan suggests.

Paint your floors and stairs

Why cover those floors or stairs with carpet when you can change them up with Chalk Paint instead?

With stairs Sloan recommends painting vertical or horizontal stripes across the top, going for a solid color throughout, or stenciling just the riser with an abstract pattern.

When it comes to your floors, try painting geometric tiles. A single color also works, but make it a bold one, especially in an entrance. “A bright shade is an easy way to add life to the first area of a home that people see,” Sloan says. Finish your floors and stairs with a glossy lacquer.

Geometric floor tiles painted using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in Barcelona Orange and Antoinette.

Spruce up kitchen cabinets

If your cabinets are showing signs of wear and tear, save yourself the hefty expense of investing in new ones and paint them instead. Sloan says that a Chalk Paint DIY can do the trick to give them a total refresh. If you’re seeking a traditional look, opt for a classic shade such as black, white, navy, or gray. For a more contemporary style, try green or yellow. You can lacquer your cabinets after the paint is dry, but Sloan loves a wax finish. “It’s more labor intensive to do wax, but the end result looks more professional and upscale,” she says.

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