May 17, 2022

Charlie Doodle

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3D printed, stained glass artwork made by Green local schools art club

4 min read

SMITHVILLE – While in a teacher evaluation years ago, Jennifer Winkler was asked what her goals were for her art program, and she said she wanted to aim for the skies.

“When kids leave here (Green Local Schools) and they talk to other kids from other schools about what it was like to go here, I want them to say, ‘Well, we were known for this art program. We had this insane art program. Nobody else did what we did,’” said Winkler, art teacher at Smithville High School and Green Middle School.

Years later and with seven wins from the Wayne County Fair, the county High School Art Show and Junior Show over the years, Winkler feels like the program is finally there and it couldn’t have done it without the Smithie Art Club.

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