May 19, 2022

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25 Best Minimalist Nail Art Ideas and Mani Inspo for 2021

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I know minimalist nail art may seem kinda pointless (why bother going to the salon for some dots and lines?!), but listen: Simple isn’t synonymous with sheer and boring. Minimal can mean monochrome colors, abstract designs, negative space, geometric lines—pretty much anything you want. It’s the type of manicure that’s ideal for the person who doesn’t want a super-detailed, dramatic set, or someone who cringes at the idea of themed holiday nails. Plus, if you’re of the DIY persuasion, minimalist nail art is wayyy easier to do yourself than a fully embellished nail. And to give you a better visual and a few ideas to get you started, I rounded up 25 designs that are simple and clean, not basic and boring. Keep scrolling for your next mani idea.


Sliver of Silver Glitter Nail Polish


Classic French Manicure


Neutral Negative Space Mani


Subtle Minimalist Shimmer

Long oval nails like these just beg for a classy sheer nude color. This one has the slightest bit of shimmer to give it that little something extra without being too ~extra~.

Get the look: ILNP Birthday Suit


Minimal Abstract Shapes


Black Negative Space Mani


Nude Negative Space

This spotted nail polish in earthy tones gives me boho minimalist vibes, and I’m into it. To recreate it, paint a swipe of the speckled polish below over a coat of another similar shade, and finish with a shiny top coat.

Get the look: Cirque Colors in Mineralized


Minimal Embellishments

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