May 17, 2022

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100 Watt Studios empowers Charleston alternative music

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As long as producer Devin Vaughan, head engineer at Charleston’s 100 Watt Studios, is making music, he is happy. 

“If anybody needs something, I’ll play it. That’s my passion,” Vaughan told City Paper. 

Vaughan’s love of crafting music started at age 13 when he developed a devotion to his drum kit. After relocating to Nashville in 2009, Vaughan ended up head engineer for Nashville producer Paul Moak at The Smoakstack studio, working with artists like Kelly Clarkson, Caitlyn Smith and Sadler Vaden and producing music for the TV series Nashville.

Vaughan moved back to Charleston in 2019 and reconnected with Scott Gould, owner of Hybrid Audio Solutions in West Ashley. The two began playing music together as rock ‘n’ roll duo Acid Hawk and with Vaughan’s further involvement in the studio, they renamed the space 100 Watt Studios. 

Following a major renovation during the COVID-related shutdown,100 Watt Studios solidified a place in the community with a benefit show for World Central Kitchen in 2021 that featured local alt-rock bands including Whitehall, Babe Club and Vaughan’s own project, GRIM. 

100 Watt Studios empowers Charleston alternative music

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